Cellist Estelle Revaz & Pianist JoonHyun Kim Concerts in March 2013

Cellist, Estelle Revaz will have concerts in Switzerland : performing Haydn Cello Concerto in Delemont/Porrentruy on March 8, 9 and Sierre on March 24, 2013. 
She will also have concert tour in Argentina on March 27 to April 27. 

Estelle Revaz performed in a Young Artists Concert in 2012 Euro Music Festival Wuppertal. She is studying with Prof. Maria Kliegel in The University of Music and Dance, Cologne, Germany. 


Pianst JoonHyun Kim will have a concert with a title of 'JoonHyun Kim with his friends' in Seoul(Nowon Eullim Theater), Korea on March 21, 2013. In this concert, he performs his own composing works as well as piano trio works of Beethoven, Piazzolla, Brahms, etc.. 

JoonHyun Kim took part in the Euro Music Festival in Leipzig and Wuppertal, where he had performed in several concerts including Young Artists Concert. 
He is studying piano with Prof. Jacob Leuschner in The University of Music and Dance, Cologne, Germany.  



Guitar Course by Prof. A. Mokry in 2013 EMFA Halle

Prof. Andrzej Mokry's Guitar Class will be open at the 1st Session of 2013 Euro Music Festival and Academy, Halle, Germany.

Teaching Dates : July 22 - 31
Teaching Languages : English, German, Polish

Prof. Andrzej Mokry was born in Poland and studied at the Academy of Music in Warsaw with Professor Marcin Zalewski and in Cologne, Germany with Professor Dieter Kreidler.
He completed his studies with Professor Odair Assad in Brussels, Belgium.

Andrzej Mokry became known through numerous prizes at national and international music and guitar competitions. He has been invited for concert performances to most European countries and he was regularly on tour throughout Japan.
He has also appeared on TV and Radio productions as well as CD recordings. 

Apart from his solo recitals, he played together with the soloists of the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig and with various symphony orchestras including the Orchestra "Klassika" St. Petersburg, Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Katowice, Wuppertaler Symphoniker.

Andrzej Mokry is a Professor for Guitar at the Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany. 




Piano Professors in 2013 EMFA Halle

Bernd Goetzke (Hanover, Germany)
Constance Lee (Taipei, Taiwan)
Jochen Koehler (Halle, Germany)
Maurizio Moretti (Cagliari, Italy)
Murray McLachlan (London, UK)
Peter Nagy (Stuttgart, Germany)

Bernd Goetzke (Hanover, Germany)
Gilead Mishory (Freiburg, Germany)
Jacob Leuschner (Cologne, Germany)
Jochen Koehler (Halle, Germany)
Jura Margulis (Arkansas, USA)

Akiko Ebi (Nihon, Japan)
BoKyung Kim (Malaya, Malaysia)
Edmund Battersby (Indiana, USA)
Giorgia Alessandra Brustia (Bozen, Italy)
Katsurako Mikami (Toho, Japan)
Markus Bellheim (Munich, Germany)
Takahiro Hoshino (Ueno, Japan)


EMF Prestigious Alumni

Founded in 1998 by Euro Arts, EURO MUSIC FESTIVAL has been grown up and developed steadily, presenting highly qualified academy and concert programs. It brings the fellowship and harmony among musicians all around the world through mutual exchanges via music which is a universal language.
Many alumni of Euro Music Festival take their active part in music field around the world, as soloist, orchestral member or teaching professor.



Violin Prof. Muriel Cantoreggi in 2013 EMFA & Pianist Shaun Choo

Violin Professor Muriel Cantoreggi will teach at the 3rd Session in 2013 Euro Music Festival and Academy, Halle, Germany.

_ Teaching Dates : August 15 - 22, 2013
_ Teaching Languages : English, German, French, Italien

Born in France, Muriel Cantoreggi studied with Regis Pasquier, Wiktor Liberman and Christoph Poppen. A prize-winner at the 1993 international Marguerite Long/Jacques Thibaud Competition, she became leader of the European Union Youth Orchestra (1994-96), a position she has held with the Munich Chamber Orchestra from 1995 until 2008.

In 2000-01, she was chosen by the Cologne Philharmonie for its "Rising Stars" series along with Jörg Widmann (clarinet) and Silke Avenhaus (piano), which brought her to some of the most important international concert halls. She has performed as a soloist with conductors such as Heinz Holliger, Juha Kangas and Thierry Fischer among others. 

Having been a member of the Vegh Ensemble, she has devoted herself intensively to chamber music in various formations, including a longstanding duo with the violist Genevieve Strosser. She also has a special interest in contemporary music, which has a firm place in her repertoire.

Cantoreggi can be heard as a soloist with the Munich Chamber Orchestra in the ECM recording Folio(2006) with works by Barry Guy. Another ECM CD has recently been released, with works by the swiss composer Frank Martin, featuring Muriel Cantoreggi and Juliane Banse as soloists with the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Christoph Poppen.

In April 2009, Muriel Cantoreggi was awarded a professorship at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, where she continues to teach violin.


Pianist Shaun Choo, the 1st prize winner of 2012 Asia-Pacific International Chopin Piano Competition which was held on October 18 ~ 26, 2012 in South Korea, will perform 'Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 in C Major op.15 ' with Daegu Symphony Orchestra on April 12th, 2013 in Daegu, South Korea. 

(In the same competition, another EMF almuni Ji-Soo Moon was awarded 'Polonaise Prize' in the Junior section.)


2013 해외 연주 기획 시리즈

국내외 음악인들을 위해 전 유럽에서 연주회를 기획하는 유로아트가
국내외 연주자의 해외연주 기획 및  대행업무를 해 드립니다.

----- 아       래 -----

래식 음악의 본고장 독일의 메카
베를린 - 할레 - 라이프찌히 - 드레스덴에서의 연주회  

_ 도시 선택(1 ~ 4 곳)
_ 희망홀 규모
_ 연주희망시기
_ 연주형태(오케스트라 협연, 솔로, 실내악 등)
_ 희망 홍보 범위 (예: 잡지 홍보, 온라인 티켓처 홍보, 대중교통수단에서의 홍보 등)
현지체제를 위한 요청 서비스 범위 (예: 항공권, 숙박, 현지 도우미 등)을 포함해
   모든 세부사항에 대해서 연주자와 상의 후 진행됩니다.

이 연주회 참가와 관련한 문의 :
전화 02-539-2305
이메일 euroarts@gmail.com


인구 350만의 독일 통일 역사의 산 증인이자 파리에 견줄 만큼 예술이 발달한 도시로 독일의 수도로 독일 최대의 문화, 예술 중심지입니다.

독일 작센 안할트 주에서 가장 큰  도시로, 음악의 어머니 헨델(Georg Friedrich Haendel 1685~1759)이 태어난 곳으로 지금도 헨델과 관련해 다양한 페스티발이 열리는 도시입니다.

독일 작센 주의 도시로, 음악의 어머니 바흐(Johann Sebastian Bach 1685~1750), 멘델스존, 슈만의 도시이자 말러, 바그너, 리스트, 그리그, 야나첵, 알베니즈, 실러, 괴테에 이르기까지 예술가라면 반드시 가보는 음악예술의 본 고장입니다.
폴란드, 체코와 국경을 접하고 있으며 독일 작센 주의 주도로, '엘베강의 피렌체', '작센의 스위스'로 불리우며, 츠빙거 궁전, 젬퍼 오페라, 프라우엔 교회 등 음악과 예술이 가득한 도시입니다.